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After three years of writing about various schools, programs, camps and classes for children, the Parent Imperfect ventures into the area of sharing his views on these services. In addition to my own views based on our family experience, we will try to get others to offer guest reviews of additional programs. As always, your own opinions are more than welcome.

4 responses to “PI Reviews

  1. virginia

    I need help creating healthy culture at the hennigan .
    Virginia in Roslindale

    • Hello, Virginia. Thanks for reaching out. People who know the “secret” of the PI’s identity send me questions like this offline quite often, but it’s rare that someone reaches out through the blog. I’d lover for it to become a place that stimulates that kind of discussion.

      It’s interesting that you have put this comment in the “PI Reviews” section of the blog. I put this one here over a year ago, thinking that is would push me to write “reviews” of the various schools, programs, etc. that our kids have come in contact with over the years. Certainly I have those opinions, but I haven’t yet been able to post them in the form of reviews.

      Your question is, of course, one of the really big ones for all parents in the BPS (or any public school system) who want to be engaged with their kids’ school(s). As you have seen here (probably), our daughter spent a single year at the Hennigan, in the AWC program. Liz immediately volunteered to be in the School Site Council, but she didn’t hear back from the Principal or the Parent Coordinator about it. I followed up with the Parent Coordinator (a perfectly nice person who was helpful at several points in the year), and she said only that “we haven’t gotten back to people yet.” They never did.

      I, personally, spent a lot of time at the school, but I never found a parent group to connect to or an easy way for parents like me (whatever that is) to contribute. I came to feel that people saw me as a white, middle-class guy whose kid was only going to be there for a year, and weren’t that interested in what I had to offer. In those days, our daughter really stood out (in racial/ethnic, more than class, terms), even in the AWC program. That might be different now. The new (at that time) principal, seemed very wary of being the next school where a group of pushy middle-class parents (many of them white) kind of took over the school and altered its identify. I can understand being wary about that. My focus became connecting to Connie’s teacher and some of the other AWC parents, and trying to help them build a more positive environment in that classroom.

      I know other people have had very different experiences at the Hennigan, but I don’t know if they’ll chime in here. I’ll write a post on the blog to see if people are willing to have that sort of dialogue through the blog, or would be willing to be in touch with you in another way. Thanks, again, for your comment. I hope I can help you get some answers.

  2. David

    Hello PI,

    Our daughter, Anneka, also had her eye on the prize of scholarship heaven with the beautiful game, as the scouts were giving her some looks. (Though not getting confused b/w Anneka and Christine Sinclair…) That was before 3 ops (acl, mcl, meniscus) over the past 2 years… Anneka”s dreams were abruptly dashed and she has been picking up the pieces since. Uni applications going in… finding herself and her community since then without soccer. It’s been tough, and character building….(Now don’t get me started on young women, knees, soccer and synthetic turf!!).

    • Hi David, Nice to hear from you, but so sorry to hear this about Anneka. It sounds SO familiar. I remember reading about her playing on a provincial team a few years ago. There is a character-building side to this, but it is a very tough way to build character. I hope all goes well for Anneka in the college chase and hope to see you one of these years.

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