The PI Turns Five

First Day from Different PointsIt occurred to the Parent Imperfect at some point last night that this blog began about this time of year, five years ago. I checked and yesterday was, indeed, the five-year anniversary of the PI.

Much has changed since that first post, when I decided to report on the happy family’s attendance at a downtown health care rally. We don’t attend a lot of rallies together these days. Vince had just finished his first week at the nation’s oldest public school, and now he is in his last year there (Dios mediante). I guess that makes this a chronicle of the time that our children have spent at that school. We have certainly had our issues with BLS, but now both kids are there, so we have somehow voted with our feet. As difficult as the experience has been for Vince, he remains committed to the place, and insists that he would not have wanted to go to school anywhere else. Connie is still very early in the game, but being on the soccer team this year really seems to be changing her relationship to the school.

The Pressured ChildI read something the other day saying that the average number of posts on the millions of blogs that people start is 1.6. Many times, people take the step of starting a blog and then do a single post (or none at all), and never get back to it. I guess that makes the PI something of an outlier. I’ve gotten sick of this and left it alone for months at least three times, but, strangely, people keep looking at it, even when there is nothing new. In fact, some of the blog’s most visited days have come when I wasn’t paying any attention to it. I’m not sure what that says about the blog, but this odd behavior is part of what eventually gets me to start up again.

In the beginning, this was much more about the oddities of our family life. Over time, it has become much more about our experience of the Boston Public Schools. Neither Vince nor Connie particularly liked seeing things in here about their personal experience, so there is less about that now. I don’t use our real names, but, over time, a lot of people have figured out who is writing this thing, so the kids felt a little exposed. They remain characters in the PI, but in a little different way,

Ohrenberger MeetingAbout midway through the life of the PI, I became involved with a crazy group of fierce public school mothers (for the most part) called Quality Education for Every Student (QUEST). That involvement has played a big part in the shift of my emphasis toward the BPS. Were it not for Quest, I would never have known anything about school assignment in Boston, would never have heard much about the experience of being a child with special needs in the system, and I certainly never would have paid much attention to all of the hub-bub about the Dearborn School. In short, I would never have thought I had anything to say. I should also say that, were it not for Quest, I’d have spent a lot more evenings at home, complicating the lives of Liz, Connie and Vince.

Dumb parentsDuring the life of this quirky little space in the blogosphere, both Liz and I have changed jobs, passed one of those milestone birthdays and seen my children go through incredible changes. Those of you who have read this and shared your thoughts about it have made yourselves part of this process, and for that, I am very grateful. I don’t know why so many of you prefer to give me your comments offline, rather than on the blog, but I treasure them, however they come.  Thanks for joining me on this surprising little journey.






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4 responses to “The PI Turns Five

  1. serena Shapiro

    Hey! congrats on your five year mark! I have always looked forward to your postings….and yes I have in the past commented off line but here’s my comment on line. And may you find the inner energy to keep on blogging and doing all the incredible good you do you in the world. It is a gift to be your neighbor and friend. Serena

  2. Harneen

    Hey Kevin, Another thank you for your work on this blog! I have enjoyed reading it as a BPS parent, and enjoyed being part of that crazy parent group that keeps us all going…in circles some times. I don’t know where you get your energy to do this blog on top of everything else, but it is great for the rest of us! Harneen

  3. Thanks, Harneen. Believe it or not, the PI is one thing that gives energy, rather than suck it up. It’s the only real writing I can do, other than e-mail, which doesn’t qualify. It’s fine, as long as I do it all before anyone else is awake.

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