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Hot August BluesHopefully, you do better with August than the Parent Imperfect. Not only do I have to face another birthday in late August (and a big one is one the way), but I have a hard time enjoying the last three weeks of summer thinking about the fact that the season is almost over. End-of-summer vacation is the obvious solution, but we seem to have a hard time making that happen.

Common SenseTalking about media for young people gets my mind off of the calendar. For a few years, I’ve relied a lot on a site called Common Sense Media for reviews of books, videos, websites and video games geared to the interests of the younger people in our home. The site’s perspective is not always my own, but it is “Common Sense,” after all. We have numerous things in our house that have been panned (or worse) on the site, but the site does influence our choices about what we do and don’t make available.

The e-mail I just received from Common Sense highlights a new report they’ve done on “Boys, Girls and Media Messages.” This seems like the perfect time to share it here. If you know of other sites like this one, but better, please share them.


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