Not that crime scene, this one

About an hour ago, the Governor lifted the “shelter in place” order, saying that it seemed that the suspect had gotten away. Minutes later, we headed outside for a walk in the Arboretum. Quite a few people had the same idea, despite the threatening weather. As we headed back home after 45 minutes in the park, we started to hear multiple police sirens. Given the occurrences of the day, the multiple cars made us a bit more nervous than usual. Might this bombing guy have come to Roslindale?

At least eight emergency vehicles came by us as, one after the other. They all seemed to be stopping on Washington St. not far from the back of our house. For some reason, Vince and I decided to walk up to Washington St., curious about what had happened. Sure enough, all of the police cars and ambulances were blocking the street, just a few yards from the baseball field. We could already see yellow police tape securing an area that extended into the street. As we stood watching from some distance, two young women came walking toward us.

“What happened?” we asked.

“Somebody got shot…see, the yellow tape is the crime scene.” They were shockingly matter-of-fact about it.

A uniformed man in a nearby car asked, “Are you sure they got shot or was it a stabbing?” The girls just kept walking.

Vince wanted to go see the scene, but I’d had enough for one day and we headed home. I could care less whether it was a shooting or a stabbing. Our story is that there was an “accident” on Washington St. No one here needs to know about more craziness.

Back in the house, Connie was making a fruit smoothie, which was very welcome. She was skeptical about the accident story, but decided to leave it alone. Instead, she only wanted to know how we can close the storm window on the back door.

Liz immediately told us that the police apparently had the remaining bombing suspect cornered under a boat in Watertown. Maybe that’s one threat that’s finally over, but the deeper, closer feeling of insecurity can’t be solved by a SWAT team, or two or three.



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