The Universal PI

Universal Hub is an interesting site that publishes material from many community bloggers in Boston. Their posting of a link to yesterday’s post, The Exam School Choice VI…Nine Things to Know, led to some comments that are a bit different than what usually shows up here (or what I get directly from people who don’t do blogs). Check it out if you have a minute. You’ll need to scroll down to yesterday mornings posts.



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2 responses to “The Universal PI

  1. meganalexa

    Reading the comments on the Universal Hub was quite a wakeup call. I don’t know, PI, all your facts seem accurate to me.

    • Sorry to have missed your comment. I’m happy to get the comments of a different group of people, even if one of them was not fun. I just wish he had something to say about the exam schools. His was the only comment that added nothing to the discussion.

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