The Exam School Choice V, The Robo-Call

It’s funny, the way things work out. The Parent Imperfect went off to Boston Latin tonight to hear information about Vince’s course-selection options for next year. While he was at the meeting, a robot somewhere called his home phone.

Selection was on everyone’s mind. The call was about school assignment selection for sixth grade. Since the PI selected the Washington Irving Middle School as one of Connie’s sixth-grade choices, the School Assignment Office had important information for him. It turns out that the Irving School has “just received” a grant that may allow them to extend the school day until 4:30PM. The change is not certain (even though it is already in effect), but if this schedule does not fit with family needs, the PI and other confused parents can call a phone number to change school selections.

So it turns out that the PI did all of that frantic running around on Friday for no good reason. All he had to do was sit back and wait for the robo-call. Why did he think that, if his form went to Court Street, it would disappear into an inaccessible void?

Who says that no one reads or listens to blog scribblers?

The course selection meeting at BLS was designed to help the PI guide Vince in his choice between Physics I and Chemistry I. It turns out that, for some reason, taking Chemistry opens up more options for the junior and senior years. Who knew? The only danger is that you risk getting the evil Chemistry teacher who makes junior year a nine-month trauma for so many. Sure enough, Vince wants to take Chemistry. No robo-call coming about that.



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4 responses to “The Exam School Choice V, The Robo-Call

  1. Nancy

    yup, I am laughing and crying, both.

  2. Kerry

    Dear PI,
    I have been closely reading your blog for any and all information on BLS.
    Our daughter was just accepted and we are really trying to figure out how much kids like the school. As you’ve described it, it sounds like a real grind lit by many hopes and promises. But I can’t tell how Vince feels–is the workload balanced by social pleasures? Is he intrigued by much of what he’s learning.
    I have grown fond of him through your writing and I hope that he feels good about his efforts. Should we come, too, or run away to private school?

    • Thanks, Kerry. We’ve grown fond of him, too. I’d love to get Vince to write something about his experience at the school…here or, more likely, in some place that is his. No chance. If I were him, I think I’d be miserable at BLS, but, luckily, he’s definitely Vince. He has his miserable days, but I can’t say that he’s miserable, at all. Some of the kids who struggle at BLS hate the place and just can’t wait for the jailbreak. But there’s also this phenomenon of kids who struggle, but really like something about the place. We’ve often thought that it might be the status of being at the “best” school, but he has recently made it REALLY clear that this is not a big thing for him. He does have teachers that he likes (he still talks a lot about his 8th grade English teacher, a guy who actually flunked out of BLS when he was in high school, but has come back to teach there), but it definitely is not the excitement of learning that makes him want to stay. Almost every week, I tell myself that we can’t allow him to stay in a place that can seem so clearly bad for him, but we never quite get to the point where the PI and Liz are both ready to force the leap, together. Every day that we don’t leap, it gets a little more difficult to contemplate the alternatives. The tension is a bit like a very bad novel. How will it end?

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