5 Ways to Unplug Your Holidays

It is during just these holidays that all of the turning points in the Parent Imperfect’s slide into techno-dystopia have occurred. He and Liz tend to give into long term demands for new tech toys at Christmas. Game Boy…DS…ipod…MacBook (for the family)…wireless…Cellphone…PS-3…iPad (supposedly for the father), etc. That bold one was, of course, the biggie.

Yes, they have resisted. They went five years without a television and still don’t have cable. They engage on a daily basis in the losing battle of trying to limit Vince’s time as an appendage of these gadgets. And, of course, they are ruining their son’s life because absolutely everyone else he knows has access to much more electronics than he does. Resistance is righteous, but a growing Vince understands Trotsky’s notion of “permanent revolution” and melds it well with Mao’s idea of the “long war” and Lao Tzu’s “Rules of Victory.” He understands what it means to “engulf the enemy as they celebrate.” As we write this, the next stop on the slippery slope sits quietly, wrapped in swaddling paper awaiting his anxious, but not particularly grateful, fingers. And there is even something lying there for dear Connie that will likely extend the discussion to her, as well.

It is in this context that the PI came across, “5 Ways to Unplug Your Holidays.” When he first started looking a Common Sense Media a few years ago, it seemed like a harmless liberal (as opposed to radical) experiment. Now he looks at regularly for help in defending against permanent revolution.

Take a look at “5 Ways…” to see what you think. The big lesson for the PI is the hundredth reminder that kids pick up most of their bad habits at home. Hoping to finish this post before the day officially began, the PI is writing instead of walking this AM. Vince came downstairs, saw him, and immediately turned on some terrible video on the Mac, without giving the “no media before breakfast” rule a second thought.

Merry Christmas!



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4 responses to “5 Ways to Unplug Your Holidays

  1. James

    Here I am reading this on Xmas… Have a happy one, turn it off, tune it out.

  2. And here I am reading this comment at 11Pm on Xmas eve. Please wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us.

  3. Harneen

    Great timing reading this, as we just gave Simon an itouch…his ‘only’ electronic game. And now we are entering the world of negotiating over usage…. I love your blog!
    (Can you add a link to KidsArts! to your favorites??)

  4. Thanks, Harneen. By coincidence, it was also an iPod Touch that represented the next step down the slippery slope for us this year. We already regret it. Good luck! Glad you like the blog. Thanks for the reminder about KidsArts. I’ll put in something about it soon, and a link among the Faves.

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