Latin Blues

Vince went off tonight to see the New England Revolution play soccer. After taking six weeks off from playing the game, he’s been very focused on his wish to play for the nation’s oldest public school.

He had lots of plans for the summer, but the news that he would have to attend summer school changed all that. The dreaded letter was a great disappointment for Vince, but there was never a question that he would take his medicine. For five weeks, he had to get to school at 8AM and stay focused on Latin until lunch. The Parent Imperfect couldn’t have done it, but Vince did. He got himself there each of the 25 days, and ended up doing fine in the class, providing support to his insistence that his teacher during the year had been just terrible.

The big problem with summer school is that a student who really needed some time away from school didn’t get very much of it. Liz and the PI wonder how Vince will be next April after he’s gone to school for 20 months with very little respite. As if the demands of seventh and eighth grade were not enough, his school adds another core course for ninth grade. This gives everyone in the house something to look forward to.



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2 responses to “Latin Blues

  1. connie

    I’m ery glad the PI has started again

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