Just How Much Is A Trace?

After over eight months, the Parent Imperfect finally dares to reappear. It must have been the robo-call from Dr. Carol Johnson, the Superintendent of the Boston Public Schools that drew him back to the blog. After no small amount of soul searching, Liz and the PI decided to send Ms. Connie to a new school this coming September. It’s true…they accepted Claudia’s invitation to Advanced Work program at the Hennigan School. As if to chastise them for their choice, Ms. Johnson called to say  that the crackerjack building assessment team of the BPS has located “trace amounts” of PCBs in the ceiling paint of the Hennigan School building.

According to the Super, the BPS will do its best to remove the cancer-causing paint and re-paint the ceilings before the opening of school on September 7, but the PI will be very surprised if the students are back in the Hennigan before Halloween. And just how are they removing that paint?

Connie and her new mates might very well have to begin school in the Aggasiz School, one of the buildings abandoned when the BPS closed several schools this past year. The beginning of school is always chaos, but what happens when a school must open in another building? If the chaos isn’t enough to keep the PI up tonight, he remembers well that one of the reasons given for the closing of the Aggasiz was the deplorable condition of the building and the need for major repairs.


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