The Five Most Memorable…

Lake Braddock gymnast on uneven bars at VHSL state

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Just yesterday, Ms. Connie celebrated her 9th birthday. Of course the Parent Imperfect didn’t have it together for a real party, but a family celebration there was.

Asked to name the things that happened during the year that she is most likely to remember, she pretty quickly came up with five:

1. I broke my arm. (No one in the family will soon forget that one.)

2. My first gymnastics meet. (Made all the more memorable by all of the time lost because of the broken arm.)

3. Going to sleep-away camp at Chimney Corners. (That decision led to changes for the whole family, and is likely to keep leading to changes.)

4. I was in “Little Mermaid.” (a first play with professional actors, and TWENTY shows at the far end of the Jamiacaway).

5. I was in “Thoroughly Modern Millie.” (one good memory leads to another)

For the PI all were good choices, if not good memories. Interesting was the absence of anything related to the place where she spends more of her waking hours than anywhere else…school.

If someone had asked the PI, which they didn’t, he would have added, “After a long and challenging conversation, my parents decided that I’d keep gong to the Hernández School.” Skiing for the first time with the YES program, will probably also stay with her, but those are his memories of Connie’s year, not hers.


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