Act Your Age!

And so it was that, just after 5PM on a Friday, the Parent Imperfect and Liz were clowning around with mild affection in front of the house of a Jamaica Plain piano teacher. Connie, who was waiting for her lesson to begin, was not impressed.

“Stop it. There are people around here.”

“I don’t see any people,” answered the PI, still goofing. And then it came.


Never has a moment of almost affection come so quickly to a halt. Dumbfounded, the PI’s jaw hung open. Thoughts raced through his head. “Should I laugh, or cry?” “Should I hug her, or hope for traffic that I can push her in front of?”

Satisfied that she had put a stop to the nonsense, Connie marched up the front steps, clutching her piano books to her chest. She glanced over her shoulder as if to rub salt into the wounds, but at that instant, Mrs. R. opened the door and greeted C. warmly. Liz and the little girl entered the house and Mrs. R. quickly pushed the door shut behind them, leaving the PI alone on the sidewalk, wondering what was so bad about acting like a 42-year old.


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