A Well-Kept Secret Bids Adieu

Parent Imperfect began at the beginning of the last school year as a one year experiment in sharing the misadventures of one challenged parent. Starting, we hoped to survive the year, post to the blog 100 times and maybe even get some new ideas about how to approach a very difficult job (parenting, that is).

Midway through the year, the PI passed through a spasm of anxiety about the dangers of sharing personal information in our strange world and the blog became “personal” for a time. That effectively killed the numbers, as only the most devoted of the PI’s readers wold put up with the nonsense necessary to access a personal blog. That was only the most obvious of the things that the PI did to make sure that the Parent Imperfect remained a fairly well-kept secret.

Now, 49,000 words later, the trial year is over and it is probably time to pul the plug. The PI does this with mixed emotions, as writing here has been fun, and may have even helped the parenting, from time to time. Most of all, to have a writing project outside of the muse-numbing prose of consultant reports has been a very good thing.

Thanks to all of you who have read the thing and provided the PI with your feedback by hitting the “Comment” button, sending the PI an encouraging note or saying something about it at a soccer game. Why are people (save Ms. Connie and Pearl) so sheepish about commenting in public on these things?

It does, indeed, take a village to raise a child, and finding a village these days requires looking in some unusual places. Ciao.



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2 responses to “A Well-Kept Secret Bids Adieu

  1. Evelyne Delori

    Will miss you Parent Imperect! Thanks for a great year of reading and musing.

    • Thanks for being such a loyal reader! We thought of you when we heard that Arlington has the least youth obesity of any town in MA, and that either Lawrence or Lowell had the most.

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