Connie, the Trafficker

The enthusiasm of young people is a life force. Three days into preparations for her latest play, Connie is brimming with that force. On Day 2, she received her role. She won’t be one of the “stars” in this play, but that seems to be OK. The folks at the Wheelock really seemed to get through to her about the importance of each part to the whole. This is a lesson that the Parent Imperfect knows intellectually, but will never really take inside of himself.

Connie will be Bun Foo, a Chinese character. It should be enough of a challenge to be a young Chinese man in New York City during the 1920s, but this character also has several lines in Cantonese, not one of Connie’s strong points. She’s already stumbling around the house repeating unintelligible things to be said by this man.

If the PI’s reading of the play is correct, his favorite eight-year-old is playing a Chinese henchman engaged in kidnapping women and selling them off into the white slave trade. Now, there’s a role that a girl can sink her teeth into. At least by the end of the play, Bun Foo will be a good henchman. For now, Connie hasn’t quite figured out that she’s engaged in human trafficking, but that will come.

Henchman or not, Connie is hooked, and will remain hooked until the camp ends in three short weeks. She knows not a soul in the camp besides some of the counselors who were there last year, but that doesn’t seem to slow her. For better or worse, she doesn’t seem to mind isolation.

Having finished Gathering Blue, Vince is moving into The Power of One. Since no less a literary authority than his friend’s older brother, M. has said that this is one of the worst books ever written, Vince is not exactly tearing up the text. The dominant theme around the house this summer is students taking responsibility for their school work. He has set a schedule for himself and has so far kept close to it. Since his mouth is quite sore and swollen from an elbow to the chops playing basketball yesterday, he could easily have claimed that he needed more time to sit in bed and try out his new cellphone. To his credit, he is trying to stay on track.


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