Northwest Passage

Looking out the window of his sixth floor hotel room toward the water, the Parent Imperfect can confirm that the rumor that the weather is always bad in Seattle is unfounded. It is true that Boston friends were taunting him on Wednesday, when it was over 80 and sunny in Boston and 42 and raining in Seattle, but the last two days have been quite nice here. Of course, that doesn’t matter much if one is in meetings all day.

The PI tries to minimize his travel, but almost none of his work is in Boston, so there are at least 60 days a year when Ms. Liz must be the single parent. This trip happens at a particularly bad time, right before the spring school vacation. Connie is rehearsing for The Little Mermaid, Vince has begun spring soccer (with two teams), and it seems that his teachers are pushing to catch with the program before vacation. Friends and family are great about helping out when Liz and the PI are organized enough to ask for their help. Liz is great about sounding in complete control of everything when the PI calls home, but he knows better.

All of this of course makes the PI feel wonderful about his decision to stay for one extra night to see a bit of this place before flying back across the country. He has never been here before and is not likely to be back here soon.  Today, he will finish up his work and then play the tourist a bit before spending the night with old friends on Vashon Island. The the Jet Blue red eye will take him back to Boston, where a PI who knows what’s good for him will “hit the ground running.”

So much for the talk of sun in Seattle. The clouds have blown back in as the PI has tapped away. Maybe a little April drizzle can serve as the PI’s own sack cloth and ashes.


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