Shy and Retiring…in Paris

Just yesterday, while talking about who was not present at a parent meeting at the Hernández School, the Parent Imperfect retired the current principal and anointed a successor. Nothing done by the PI in the past ten years has created such a firestorm of controversy, as the inbox at the PI’s offshore office has filled with angry responses. The PI swears that he heard this on good authority from multiple sources (who will, of course be protected to the end), but he now hears it on better authority from more sources that neither the retiring, nor the anointing fits the facts. Perhaps the PI should retire, instead.

For the record, no one from the Hernández School has announced their retirement recently, and there is no reason to think that anyone has the inside track on becoming the next principal.

Now, getting to the day’s real news, we announce here (exclusively) that the Parent Imperfect is going to set aside a promising third career on the dark side of consulting to become a blogger for the English language edition of Le Monde Diplomatique. Rumors of an impending family move to Paris are just that, for now (some people will do anything to cover up a decision to change schools). The PI claims to have negotiated a release with LMD that will allow him to continue tormenting readers of the current blog, at least through the end of August.

April did not arrive a day too soon.



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2 responses to “Shy and Retiring…in Paris

  1. Mr. Dimminck

    I’m glad you’re back on public airways and thanks for making it so oafs like me can access this….Paris??, is that Paris, Maine or Paris, Europe????

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