Bye, Bye Birdie

The Parent Imperfect has hit another drought. He wants to be somewhat discreet, but the blogosphere is a tough place to be discreet. After seriously considering retiring the Parent Imperfect, he has decided to continue as a private blog. That will make it difficult to give his 206,000 regular readers (NOT) access, but he will do the best he can.

The big news in PI land since the blog went private is the dark blue cast on dear Connie’s right arm. After doing a lot of skiing and skating this winter without incident, she and her friend, S., took Razor scooters out to Peter’s Hill on last Sunday,  a beautiful day that shouted, “Get Outside! Spring’s Coming!!”. After working hard to get up the hill on the scooter, C. was ready to let it all hang out on the way down. Of course, the PI warned her about going too fast, but who pays attention to a parent about such things?… especially when she’s been watching these Wonder Women skiing down real hills in Vancouver.

Halfway down, she was going very fast and doing a “birdie” (squatting down in the scooter) when she hit one of the dreaded cracks in the pavement, and “got air” (the body, not the scooter).  Her embrace of the asphalt gave a good scraping to knees, elbows, chin and forehead, and it left her with a clean break in the radius of her right arm. She knew it immediately.

Obviously in a lot of pain, Claudia had a tough wait for the PI to go get the car, and then a loooong ride down the J-way to Children’s. Along the way, her friend said special words that made it all a little easier. She said, “Connie, even if I could go home, rather than go to the hospital, I’d want to go to the hospital to be with you.” Brother Vince, also insisted in accompanying the PI to get the car and then piling into the front seat for the ride. He, too, had only soothing words for his terrified little sister.

One look at little C. and the people at Children’s took her right in to the ER, did x-rays and eventually set the arm with the little girl under sedation. The PI and Liz left for all of that, but were back in the setting room just as soon as they got the cast on her.

“Mommy, you’ve got two mouths, and both of them are talking.”

The staff gushed about C.’s  braveness and, especially, about her ability to do a simple English to Spanish translation just as she was waking up after the procedure.

Besides itching, her new friend (the cast) will change her life in many ways for six weeks. No gymnastics, no swimming, limited piano, limited theater class and, most of all, she can’t write with her right hand in school. To the PI’s surprise, Connie’s teacher responded without hesitation when she saw the cast that C will quickly learn to write well with her left hand. Since then, C has been spending two hours a day trying mightily to use the left hand. The PI is not convinced that it is a good use of time, but she seems so determined…After three days, Connie’s portside letters are more legible than those of the PI, who has been all southpaw since 1953.

After having quite a bit of pain the first few days, Connie seems to be adjusting to the cast. Today, she went to the gym with the PI and did quite a workout, and she seems to have left the splint behind after one week.

When he hasn’t been acting as the consultant, the PI has been dutifully trying to find out about C’s options for the Advanced Work Class. He has contacted the three most likely options. The scorecard:

Bates–Teacher got right back to the PI and invited him into the school for a conversation. They spent an hour together on Wednesday, and the PI was quite impressed.

Ohrenberger–Someone has answered each of the PI’s three calls, but haven’t gotten him in touch with anyone who knows anything about the AWC.

Hennigan–Parent coordinator set up a tour for next week.

Curley–The co-chair of the parent council got back to him and said that the council already had a public Q & A session, and wouldn’t be having another. Visit the school? Probably not…it’s MCAS preparation time.

The PI hopes to organize a meeting of at least some of the families from Connie’s school who have been invited to AWC. That will have to happen soon, as the deadline to respond to the AWC invitation is March 14.


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