Who has the time for that?

Yesterday morning, the Parent Imperfect made the usual trip into the Hernández to drop Connie off just before the 8:30AM bell. This time, he had a mission other than getting C. to school on time and talking to her classmates. He wanted to find out what other families from the school had been invited to the Advanced Work Class, so that he could organize a little meeting for the six or eight families to discuss the choice among themselves, and perhaps make a decision together, in some way.

Determined to succeed, he skulked around the office until he was able to talk to the Parent Coordinator.

The PC immediately skowled and said, “You’re not going to take Connie out are you? Do you know Sally? She put Eva in AWC and really thinks it was a mistake. She didn’t know that we would have taken her back here.”

Not surprisingly, she was more interested in extolling the virtues of Connie staying at the RHS than she was sharing the names of the other invitees. That is part of her job. But the PI showed rare persistence, and the PC eventually extracted a file from the cabinet behind her.

“No one has come forward to ask me about it, but a lot of students got invited. I think there are 15…”

And she began to rattle off a long list of names. Ever prepared, the PI leapt into action with pen and paper readied just for this eventuality.

“Wow…15? Isn’t that a very high number. There are 45 in the two classes, right? That means that one out of three got invited. Has that ever happened before?”

The PC didn’t know if this had happened before, but repeated that no one had come to her to talk about it. The PI, for his part, was already lost in the logistics of trying to get 15 families together to talk about this. He thanked the PC and stumbled back through the early morning chill to his car.

“15 families…there goes the idea of getting everyone together,” he thought. “When Vince was in third grade, they invited 7, I think…what does it mean that they’ve invited 15 now, including everyone in the class that Connie would count among her friends and most of the kids that give her a hard time? Is the school doing that much better in the lower grades? Is the system declinning that quickly? Have they opened up more AWC slots, despite the budget crisis? Or maybe the change in the test this year made it more aligned with the RHS curriculum. What happens at the RHS if even half of those families decide to change schools?”

The PI doesn’t really want to get into this, but making the right decision for Connie is going to require even more figuring things out than he thought. Who has the time for that?


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