Special Treatment

Few things give school-aged children more joy than an unexpected day off from school, and that’s just what the Parent Imperfect is facing today. One of the reasons that the PI decided to begin working at home as a consultant was so that he would be flexible enough to deal with days like today.  Any plans he had to make progress on one or another of his work projects must give way to the demands of imperfect parenthood. Let go and enjoy a day with Connie and Vince, PI!

Liz celebrated birthday 51 this past weekend. Her wish was for the family to pack up and go off to a hotel in Falmouth for the weekend. The place is a pretty typical motor inn cleverly designed to fit in with quaint and expensive downtown Falmouth. Who goes to Falmouth in February? Not many people, it turns out.

The alterior motive was, of course, the possibility for Liz to spend time with her parents, who live only a few miles from Falmouth in Monument Beach. Mo Beach is an out-of-the-way part of Cape Cod, that the PI has become quite fond of over his years of going there.

CC and Grandpa, both in their early 80s, have some pretty challenging health problems, but they keep chugging along. They way that the two of them seem to compensate for each other’s probems and hold each other up continues to amaze the PI. When the PI and company arrived at the Mo Beach homestead, Grandpa was taking apart a lamp to fix it. Not many people in his situation do things like that, regardless of age. He wasn’t happy to have to interrupt his project to go off to lunch at the Dan’l Webster Inn, but he did just that. The Inn has allegedly been receiving guests for over 300 years, and still serves a passable turkey burger in a very pleasant glassed in dining room. As a place to stay, it is probably out of the PI’s price range.

Besides visiting the grandparents, the birthday weekend included SLEEP, a shopping excursion through Falmouth, several trips to the hotel pool and a long session of watching movies over pizza in the hotel (The Great Escape and The Parent Trap). It didn’t seem too celebratory to the PI, but perhaps it was what Ms. Liz wanted and needed.

Over the past few days, the PI has contacted some of the parents of Hernandez third graders who have been invited to the Boston Public School’s Advanced Work Class for fourth grade. If he can find out all of the children who have bene invited, he will try to organize a little get together for them to talk about the choice before them. Liz and the PI just received a letter from the Principal of the Hernandez congratulating them on Connie’s invitation and assuring them that she can get a great education by staying right where she is, just as her brother did when he went into fourth grade.

There’s nothing like an opportunity for a little “special treatment” to test one’s true beliefs.


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  1. Connie-Well they have called the day off,
    though, a single speck of snow hasn’t fallen. I’m really glad that they closed school. That is because now I get to get my make-your-own converses

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