La Feria

Last night, the Hernández School held its annual Science Fair. For some reason, families really show up for these events, and last night was no exception.

Passing through the big blue doors and into the school, the first thing that the visitor saw was a table urging him/her to buy some yummy baked goods to support relief to people who lost so much in the Haitian earthquake. In a rare fit of preparation, the Parent Imperfect had collaborated with Connie on some gooey brownies.

They weren’t alone. Parents brought in way more food than could possibly fit on the single table offered to the Parent Council for this event. A large plastic container quickly filled up with bills of all denominations. Almost 40% of the students at the school come from the Dominican Republic, the country that shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, and was the first foreign country to come to the aid of their neighbors.

Dear Connie did a great project in which she tested which liquids freeze faster than others and suggested why that might be the case. As always, she was more than happy to show off her work.

He did think twice about it, but Vince also attended the fair, lured by Connie’s teacher’s offer to buy the boy a slice of pizza if he came. He enjoyed being back in the building where, for eight years, he spent more of his waking hours than anywhere else. At one point, the PI looked up and saw Vince walking down the hall with E and N, the other two former Hernández students who have joined him as seventh graders at the nation’s oldest public school. Why doesn’t the PI ever bring his camera with him?

La Feria meant that the PI and Connie had been out for two nights in a row. The night before, Connie had done her homework in the Shapiro Rotunda of the Museum of Fine Arts. For some reason, it occurred to the PI that they should take advantage of the Wednesday night free admission to the MFA, rather than fight their way home through traffic after the girl’s theatre class at Wheelock.

It was a great idea, to be recommended even for the Perfect Parents. I had a wonderful time.(I said that-Connie)...impudent pup, no privacy anywhere.

After the homework session in the Rotunda, Connie and the PI went through rooms of art from Ancient China and the Himalayas, before finding their way to an amazing exhibit of the contents of an Egyptian Tomb. Black-and-white slides of the actual digging up of the tomb in 1915 fascinated Connie, as did all of the Nile River boats that were taken from the site.

Then, it was time for Connie to choose a last exhibit to visit, and, for some reason, she chose the room full of Dutch painters of the 17th and 18th centuries. By that time, fatigue had left the PI ready to race through the room, but C had other ideas. Given enough time, she might turn the PI into someone with at least a minimal appreciation of art. She certainly caused him to look closely at an original Rembrandt (three of them, actually) for the first time in his 56 years.

Never one to tire, on the way out C was furious that the PI wouldn’t stop so that she could watch the lacrosse game going on at the lit field across Huntington Ave. Don’t give that girl a stick!


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