Somehow Symbolic

Readers have gently reminded the Parent Imperfect that he left out one important highlight of the NY trip. That was, of course, The Museum of the Moving Image. This is an amazing place located well off the beaten track in a warehouse district in Astoria, Queens. A friend recommended this as a hands-on place, where people of all ages can learn a lot about the history of film and how movies are made today. Not even Google could help the PI get there without incident, but once there, everyone had a very good time and left with an idea about how film happens.

Today, on the day after the announcement of J.D. Salinger’s passing, Vince becomes an official teenager. It was exactly 13 years ago this morning that the PI got the 4AM call fromLiz saying that it was the real thing. The only problem was that Liz was in New Haven and the PI took the call in Somerville! He grabbed his already-packed bag and rushed out the door to the realization that his trusty Jetta was in the shop getting the brakes fixed. What was he going to do. Without hesitation, Martha dressed and drove him to New Haven at 80 mph.

As it turned out, they had plenty of time, as Vince didn’t emerge until a few minutes after 2PM. In a sign to all, he came out looking up, instead of down. The PI will never forget that little head popping out, the eyes opening up wide and looking around before he decided to come all the way into the world. Vince still can seem a little turned around at times, and he definitely continues to look around before he leaps.

Not having managed to get to his 5th period class on time yesterday, he received detention as a birthday gift from his Writing teacher. This somehow symbolizes much of what has happened during Year One at the nation’s oldest public school. Were the PI more perfect, he’d be applying progressive discipline. Instead, he’ll drag V away from that hideous game for a surprise pizza dinner with friends.


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