Consult With Me…

The Parent Imperfect and family are taking this week’s bone-chilling cold in New York City. They’ll be here for two days, trying to connect with friends from California. Vince and Connie have spent almost no time in New York and are very curious about the place.

After looking into all the options, the PI decided to drive the 185 miles from Boston to Manhattan’s East Side. Putting Vince and Connie in the tiny back seat space of the Prius can be a risky business, but it worked out, this time. Google Maps sent them along an unknown route over the Whitestone Bridge and then through the Midtown Tunnel. The absence of a map made for anxious moments and recriminations were at the ready, but Google eventually deposited them onto 35th Street in Manhattan. Once in the city, they picked up the keys to the UU Guest House on 35th Street. It’s fine for the PI, but the family is unimpressed. “Consult with me before you do this again,” said Vince, who was looking forward to a real hotel.

The PI spent a lot of time reading the mysterious signs on the streets here. “No standing except for commercial vehicles, 7AM-7PM. Metered parking, 3 hour limit. Pay at Munimeter.” Rather than risk it getting towed, he parked in one of the outrageously expensive garages. For such a frugal father, that was torture. The garage owners must be designing the city’s street signage.

Starving by 8PM, the fearsome foursome went out to try to find something to eat. With all of the restaurant recommendations on the Web, they ended up at a terrible Chinese restaurant/sushi place called Eden Wok, in the shadow of the Empire State Building. Not even Vince would eat the Sweet ‘n Sour Chicken.  At least no one seems to have gotten sick from the experience. The food is kosher, but that’s all that can be said for it.

The excursion is not off to the best start, but Vince and Connie are very much looking forward to seeing their friend from California. If the “dangerous” cold allows it, they’ll see a bit of the city today.



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2 responses to “Consult With Me…

  1. Hey Kevin,

    Waiting to hear if the trip picked up at all. Glad you didn’t buy that condo a couple of years ago? For next time, I have the tried and true route to take… except when it’s not.


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