A Time Like This

DC MoonEveryone seems to be doing quite well in Boston as the Parent Imperfect struggled through an all-day workshop in Washington. The only thing even close to an emergency came when Vincent needed the PI’s password to print out part of a textbook on the Mac. If they don’t have textbooks at the nation’s oldest public school, what do they have at the other public high schools?

One of V’s soccer coaches announced that as of this week, he’ll be practicing from 8-10PM on Fridays. It so happens that this Friday will be the night before the ISEE exam. As soon as the coach announced practice, parent after parent began to announce that this or that Sidekick wouldn’t be able to make it on Friday night. The boys will want to be in bed long before 10PM on that night, but a nice run before bed might get the butterflies out of their stomachs. Another parent of a boy who already went through that chimed in, wishing them all luck. Many of them will do well on the test, and it will then be difficult for them to decide NOT to go to BLS.

The PI ate with old friends at one of his favorite DC restuarants tonight.  Chuck, who he hadn’t seen in a long time, now has three children, a five-year-old and three-year-old twins. Over the last week, the entire family got a sick with what he is sure was the Swine Flu. Luckily, none of them got that sick and they all seem to be doing well now. He explained that the disease stays with one ever after it seems that s/he is better. Some say that the relapse after one resumes regular activites is when the disease is most dangerous.

Speaking of dangerous, the Yankees are within a single out of winning the World Series.  Who can scribble at a time like this?


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