Unfamliar Pillows

One of those all absorbing projects has kept the Parent Imperfect unhappily away from here for the past few days. Now he has begun a November of unfamiliar pillows with a trip to Washington, DC.

Connie was expecting the worst–a shot–when she went to the doctor’s office yesterday. She reverted to the default complaint the her stomach was hurting, before realizing that was not the right approach. But there was no shot, after all. Instead, they sprayed something into her nose. The PI remains a skeptic about vaccines, but he went along with this one. This year, the PI even received a flu shot, himself, for the first time ever. Having taken the “seasonal flu” shot, he’ll surely end up in the hospital with the pig grippe.

Liz didn’t seem all that freaked out about the PI’s departure, leaving him suspicious that she has planned a major home improvement project while he’s away. There is real reason for concern about next week’s trip, which will remove him from the scene for a full week.

The first marking period is over at the nation’s oldest public school, and no one is exactly looking forward to Vincent’s first report card. It may well be for the better that the PI will be well out of the zip code when it arrives. Maybe from a long distance it will be easier to keep all of this in perspective. 

At this moment, someone is standing in front of him insisting that he spell “lieutenant” and nine of the other most misspelled words on the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Then, he’ll have four minutes to rush into another room where someone else will be asking him about declensions.

This weekend is the ISEE test, where another generation of sixth graders will vie to become part of the 376th entering class. The PI has clear memories of Vincent going off to take the test that day at the Curley School. If you have someone who’ll be testing their nerves on Saturday, the PI reminds you that no school is for everyone and wishes you wisdom in making a big decision.


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