The Mad Scientist

Mad ScientistConnie thinks ahead. She’s been all over the Halloween costume for weeks. A Mad Scientist! Where did she get that?

Tonight she did a cool drawing of the costume along with a written list of every detail she plans to include in it.  Four broken watches…a white lab coat…a stuffed mouse…broken glasses. Who does a drawing of her Halloween costume? Certainly not the Parent Imperfect, who’s busy obsessing about laptops and visas to enter Ghana. What’s his costume?

One of her classmates from the Hernández invited C. to a sleepover at the home of her grandmother tomorrow night. This seldom happens, but, sadly, C. already has plans and can’t go. “Some other time,” said the grandma, who called to confirm. The PI hopes so.    

It was the same for Vincent tonight. Some other time… A friend texted him at 8:45PM to invite him to a party…from the party. He was sure T. meant to invite him. Like Connie, Vincent couldn’t go. It’s hard not to be included, automatically.  He cares, gets sad, but bounces back quickly. Resilience is important at the nation’s oldest public school…inside and outside of the classroom. The first marking period ends on October 30. Trick or treat!

Another weekend very much like the last one looms. No rest for the wicked. This time, the PI and his loving spouse are determined to stand together on the NO SOCCER IF THE HOMEWORK ISN’T DONE! rule. That means that V will have to get up at about 5AM, if he wants to play. Discipline builds character…ASK A FREEMASON.

With or without the soccer trip to Wayland, there will be two birthday parties tomorrow evening…a 45 and a 60, the latter a two ‘fer. What’s with all of these birthdays? Maybe it’s the over-50 version of the pub crawl.


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