Secret Desires

LisbonWork continues to crowd the Parent Imperfect and it is only going to get worse. He spoke to Liz tonight about the fact that Navember is going to be another of those months when he travels too much and Liz has to find a way to do all of this, solo. Luckily, that only seems to happen about once every six months. The PI believes that Liz secretly craves these times with two less feet in the house.

Connie’s persistent questions on the way to school today focused on what happens when people drive when they are drunk. She must have heard something about it on NPR, at some point before she insisted on hearing some music. The PI explained as best he could and, after several follow-ups, she finally turned her attention elsewhere.

Noting that her parents were drinking Margarita’s with their macaroni and cheese for dinner, C decided to launch into a lecture about how driving while drunk causes you to “take things in” slower and makes you get into accidents. At least she gave the PI a citation on the information. He waited until she went upstairs before he went out to pick up Vincent from soccer.

Vincent showed his ability to multi-task by eating dinner, icing his knees and working on Earth Science vocabulary at the same time after he returned from soccer. This is the subject where the “green” professor had him put the textbook on the computer. The PI has insisted 20 times that V is going to have to finish homework or there will be no soccer, but the kids understands the Israeli approach of establishing “facts on the ground.” After their terrible interaction around homework last night, the PI was on his very best behavior.

The big news on the street this week is that V’s classmate across the street was bitten quite badly by her own dog. She was trying to get a piece of paper out of the animal’s mouth when the mutt snapped and bit deeply into the hand that feeds him (sometimes). For at least a couple of days, this has silenced the eternal demand that the PI allow such an animal into his house as a pet.



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2 responses to “Secret Desires

  1. Serena

    did I miss something? (October 21st blog) Did Kate get bit by one of her dogs?

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