Chuck Joins the Club…

twilight2Four parties,  two soccer games, a theater class, church, six hours of homework assigned by the nation’s oldest public school and six more hours of paid scribbling by the Parent Imperfect and the weekend is mercifully drawing to a close. Don’t be confused into thinking that the PI has a social life, however. This group needs to get back to the work week to get a bit of rest.

One of the parties was another of those 50th birthday parties for the class of 1959. This one was for Chuck Collins, someone who knows how to throw a party, even if it reminds the PI that he can’t remember his 50th birthday. By the time the PI, et. al. arrived at this half-century bash, Chuck had already made his pitch for the election of Felix Arroyo, birthday roasting had happened and it was all about dancing. That was perfect for Connie and her mother, both of whom spent most of their time on the dance floor. Vincent was much too cool for that. He preferred to lurk with a small group of people his age, including the daughter of the birthday boy. They disappeared for about an hour, but the PI didn’t dare go look for the group for fear that he wouldn’t be able to find them and would have to do something about that.

When the PI’s knees would no longer allow him to embarass his children on the dance floor, he sat and watched C and V move around this party as very different people than they were even six months ago. The party-level view of growing children was quite amusing until the PI and Liz decided that it was time to go home and V and C both made it be known that they had no intention of leaving a party that they were enjoying, for a change.  Not willing to cause yet another scene, the parents capitulated and hung around like children near exhaustion,  impatiently waiting for their parents to finish talking with friends. Not a pretty sight…

V spent six hours on homework this weekend (rather than the usual four) because his Reading teacher had assigned his class to create a facsimile of a book jacket, complete with cover art, a book review and a summary of his own impressions of it. He chose to highlight the book, Twilight. Working with his mother (the PI has been suspended, without pay,  from the role of homework police), V stayed remarkable focused and produced something that his teacher may even accept. Given the general trend of his school results these days, some positive feedback on the book jacket would be a very nice thing for him.

V put on the finishing touches tonight, after returning from playing a soccer game in the driving snow at the site of the old Fort Devens. Luckily, the Sidekicks triumphed, 5-1. Liz deserves sainthood (or whatever analagous thing gets awarded to Unitarians) for driving a total of three hours to get him there and back, and sitting there in the wet snow watching adolescent boys slog through wet, frigid grass. She did this so that the PI could get some time stationed right here, feigning attention to work.



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2 responses to “Chuck Joins the Club…

  1. the red pen

    6 hours of homework JUST on SATURDAY — Sunday added another 2 hours to the mix….and the PI was not suspended, he resigned — to become chief cook and Connie-washer instead.

  2. There are worse things than washing Connie, but can’t we get a comment from someone who doesn’t know more about the PI’s life than he does?

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