Rebellious son, worst nightmare…

The PI’s work threatens to eat him up for the next several weeks, which will be a good test of his commitment to this scribbling.

Vincent is beginning to get a sense of how he is doing at the nation’s oldest public school, and the news comes to him as something of a shock. While he never said it, he might well have entered with the idea that he wouldn’t REALLY have to exert himself too much to get by. If so, time is relieving him of that idea.

There will come a time soon when the urge to give up will become very strong. For now, he continues to put in time (though never enough) and is becoming more open to looking at more effective ways to study. The fact is, however, that he would much rather be playing soccer or pushing game buttons. In that he follows closely the path of the PI.

V was up even earlier than usual this morning, and so he had time to look at the Globe for a few minutes. On his way to the comics, the story featured on the front page caught his eye. Four teenagers in New Hampshire chose an isolated house completely at random, broke into the house and did terrible things.

-Hey, it says these guys were all, “good kids.”

He was full of questions about why all of these guys had the same short haircut and why they would do such a thing.

-Maybe they had been doing bad things for a long time, and this was just, like, the next thing.

-Probably one of them called the other ones “chicken” if they didn’t want to do it, so they had to do it.

One of the companion stories focuses on the reaction of the father of one of the boys. HIs “rebellious son” had become the father’s “worst nightmare.” Reading the first few sentences of the story gave V a chance to think about how the son might have felt when his father whistled at him as the police were taking the boy away in handcuffs.

A door slammed outside. Maybe it was just as well that the neighbors came out of their house at just that moment, and it was time for the big boy to catch his ride to school.


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