How could you?

Amphibian CrisisVincent continues to work hard to respond to all that is coming at him in the nation’s oldest public school. He is definitely going through a challenging transition and we’ll have to see where it leads. He has spent about six hours on homework this weekend, and still has two assignments to finish. 

Things would be much easier if he could find ways to more clearly know what is expected of him. He does a decent job of knowing what assignments he must hand in, but he has a harder time knowing what he needs to be studying for the many tests and quizzes he takes each week. Better him than the Parent Imperfect!

If keeping up is the big challenge for Vince, remaining firmly supportive is the biggest one for the PI. His parents never paid much attention at all to what he was doing in school, so good models for this are elusive. 

On Friday, Connie went with her class to the Franklin Park Zoo. Something has clicked for her at the zoo, and she suddenly enjoys the animals much more than she did even a few months ago.

When she came home raving to the PI about the field trip, he responded that it would be very sad if the zoo had to close because of the budget crisis. Aghast at the though of it, Connie sat down and drafted the following letter to the Mayor, who happens to be running for another term.


Dear Mayor Menino,

Today my class took a field trip to Franklin Park Zoo. We saw alot of different animals and learned alot. My Favorite animals were the gorillas. We really enjoyed it.

My Dad just told me you were thinking of closing the zoo. How could you? It is one of the best places in Boston to learn about animals. It is so inspiring to go the zoo. You want to learn more and more about animals.

I don’t think you should close it even with the economy. It is one of my favorite places to go. Please don’t close it!




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