Change of Seasons

WordPress tells the Parent Imperfect that he can post to this thing from his phone. Let’s see.

Yesterday, the PI did one of the things that most assure parental imperfection. He travelled to Washington, DC. for the day. That meant that he departed the ranch at 5:30AM and careened back into the house at 9:30PM. He must remember such days when he’s crowing about what a family-friendly job he has as a consultant.

The day before the trip, Vincent suddenly turned off the car radio and began to show great interest in what the PI would be doing in DC. Wary of the request for $$$ that was sure to follow, the PI explained that he was going to help an important organization work on a strategic plan. V’s eyes quickly glazed over at the talk of helping people think about five years in the future. From the back seat, however, Connie interrupted with great urgency.

-Papi…pero, Papi


-Why don’t people get goosebumps on their faces?

Glad, as always, to have reached his children, the PI laughed out loud. Goosebumps…the change of seasons is upon us.


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  1. the Mom

    …she asked me the same thing in the tub the other night — and why don’t they? I think it should be a topic for MCAS essay…..

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