Whose Legacy?

OWLThe the city of Boston held its annual Hub on Wheels event yesterday, there were hundreds of cyclists all over the streets on a rainy day. Many neighbors participated in the event, and the PI would have loved to participate with the family, but it wasn’t to be.

Yesterday was also the first day of the Our Whole Lives (OWL) program that Vincent is doing at the First Parish in Brookline. After three hours sitting with a dozen people his age, most of whom he didn’t know, V’s main complaint was that, because of his soccer game, he couldn’t go skating after OWL with his friends from Theodore Parker Church. That seems like a very good review, given that mum’s the word concerning what they discussed all that time. If he stays with OWL, 14 of these sessions will explore many topics on sexuality and relationships, something that will be great for our whole family.

V is beginning to realize what he has gotten himself into at the nation’s oldest public school. The accumulated weight of the work is of another order than anything he ever faced at the Hernández, and the limitations in his study habits are becoming more apparent. The Parent Imperfect is trying to remain calm and supportive, but with only limited success. The limits of the PI’s own approach to supporting Kiernan are also becoming pretty obvious.

Last night, we were up much too late trying to find a good way to study yet another list of Latin vocabulary words for yet another quiz.  “This is not the way I learned Spanish,” protests Vince, ad nauseum. The PI wholeheartedly agrees, but only encourages him to keep memorizing.    

Connie celebrated birthday 8 with a party this weekend. She had a very nice time with three friends who each spent the evening in sleeping bags on the floor of C’s room. She took her guests on a PI-accompanied trip to Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, a harmless, if silly, 3-D rendering of a picture book that C has read many times.

The PI spent most of the show in shock after paying for the tickets at the opulent new Showcase Cinema in Dedham. Not even the 3-D glasses could conceal it. They must have planned this shopping center before the economy tanked. Maybe they called it Legacy Place because stands as a 675,000 sq. ft. legacy of the by-gone subprime era.



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2 responses to “Whose Legacy?

  1. Hilarious! I also spent Saturday night at Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs with a small gaggle of 10 year olds, but at the Fenway. $14 for adults and $11 for kids, I think. My only consolation was that the 3-d glasses made it possible for me to have a nice nap without offending any of my companions. I keep saying, “no more animated movies”, but I don’t seem to learn.

  2. Great minds obviously think along the same lines, although I didn’t dare sleep for fear that the girls would roll me. But it’s OK, given that we’re going to be doing something next Saturday night that’s SOOOOO much more compelling.

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