Jay Saves the Day

See full size imageSometime after 3:00, the door opened and the boy wrestled something too big onto the porch. A French Horn!

Not only have they given him this thing, but they’ve taught him how to make a noise like music with it. Life will not be the same around here. It turns out that the instrument is so unpopular that the nation’s oldest public school waives the rental fee for it. That’s why he got it! His cheap old man didn’t want to pay a rental fee!!

More seriously, I’m happy that he will continue to do something else that the Parent Imperfect never did…learn a musical instrument. I think he’s excited about learning something new. I’m sad, though, that he’s letting go of the guitar for a while.

Speaking of music, Connie had her piano lesson today. It’s all too perfect, right? French Horn and piano. She came out of her lesson much more excited than usual with the piece that her teacher had given her for the Halloween recital. Ordinarily, she leaves her lesson very frustrated because Mrs. R wasn’t satisfied with the amount she practiced during the week.

I did some errands while Connie was with Mrs. R, including my almost daily trip to the Sedgewick Branch of the Boston Public Library.  There I ran into the father of another 7th grader at V’s school. When I asked how his son was doing, he said “he’s having a little trouble getting organized and keeping his homework straight. This was the first real week, so we’ll see what happens.” I smiled tensely, not daring to say that I actually think Vince is doing OK so far. Blissful ignorance on my part, for sure.

I spent a lot of time today working on the big proposal that has been hanging over my head. After finishing it, I called the potential client to talk about it, and then strange things happened. I left a message for him to call me back on my cell phone, and then promptly lost the cell phone in the Arboretum. Thanks to a very nice guy named Jay from Boston Drain, I had my phone back by the end of the day, but I hadn’t made the deadline for getting in the proposal. Something in me is resisting the “breakthrough” proposal that will have me travelling a lot between now and January.


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