The Blog Ate My Homework!

I asked Vincent today what he saw as the big difference between going to the Hernández and attending the nation’s oldest public school. He didn’t think long before answering, “At Latin we write less, but think about it more.”

He went on to explain that at the Hernández they had him writing things over and over, without thinking much about what he was writing. The important thing was repeating, over and over. Here he might write just a single math equation, but they want him to really know why he is writing it.  

I spent a lot of the day today working on a proposal for what would be a very big and interesting consulting project. It would require me to assemble and then coordinate a team of five consultants who were moving all over the world. If it worked out, it could be that “breakthrough” thing for my consulting work. As I rushed to get one part of the proposal done before the kids came home, I ended up getting to Connie’s bus stop late. This upset her and ended up causing a lot of confusion for the whole family. Perhaps that was the universe telling me that I need another kind of  breakthrough.

C was back at gymnastics today, suddenly very invested in getting on the “pre-team.” After finishing a very exhausting two hour workout, she insisted in staying in the park outside of the school to practice something that she has a hard time doing. I can’t imagine anyone else in the family doing that. I guess she’s about breakthroughs, too.

When we returned home, Vince was struggling to print out a section of his Latin textbook off of his teacher’s blog. Did you get your homework off of a blog in seventh grade? Do you think it would work for him to say that “The Blog Ate My Homework?”

He says they have to print out the text because the teachers suddenly want to save money and go green. They may be saving $$$ for the school, but printing these full color sections every week on my home printer is not saving money for me or other BLS parents. When I meet this teacher, I’ll have to ask how it makes environmental sense to have each student print out the textbook every year, rather than use one provided by the school. That will make me popular.

And you may remember our mention of the Labor Day Rally for Health Reform that we all attended. That’s the one where Rep. Steven Lynch was not welcome to speak because of his position on the “public option.” Today Lynch announced that he won’t be running for Teddy Kennedy’s Senate seat. I think Steve got the message. No tears shed here.


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