Helping Hands

Vincent’s soccer team won the game he didn’t make it to on Saturday, despite the monsoon conditions. Reflecting on how the team played in the rain, one of V’s teammates offered a memorable observation to his mother, “Just because we won doesn’t mean that we didn’t play well.”

Vince provided a big helping hand to the Parent Imperfect today. The PI couldn’t get home in time to get Connie at the bus stop, so he asked Vincent for help. Without a hint of protest, V managed to get himself to the bus stop, meet his sister and take her to the library until reinforcements arrived.  That meant, first of all, REMEMBERING. Then he had to get out of a school full of 2200 students and to his bus quickly, so that he would be waiting when her bus arrived.

He has only been at the nation’s oldest public school for four days, but so far Vincent is doing OK. Thankfully, he has been able to ease into the homework avalanche gradually. It will get much worse, quickly.

Other parents have also offered helping hands. One parent from the Hernández, who tutors students herself, has offered to talk with new BLS parents about helping people develop study skills. Another parent who has a boy a year ahead of V sent a long e-mail with all kinds of things that they learned going through this last year. She relates the experience of going to talk to a science teacher about excessive weekend homework. After barely listening to her, the guy says “it’s a sacrifice Latin parents make for their children.” Vincent has the very same teacher this year.


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