The Ride

At the beginning of every school year, there are a couple of these days. You’re not organized enough to be smart about how everyone is getting where they need to go, so you spend HOURS driving through the traffic…you’re “The Ride.”

Today was C’s first day of gymnastics for this school year. For the past two and a half years she has been going to the program at the Ohrenberger Community Center. She likes gymnastics a lot more than any of the team sports she has done. There are more intense, and much more expensive, programs at the private gyms, but this is the PERFECT program for Connie. She doesn’t meet friends at this program, but she still has a great time.

After a few years of being a nice, low-key program, the Ohrenberger has been discovered by the hordes of West Roxbury. Now, getting into the program requires going to the Ohrenberger one night in September and waiting in a long line of people trying to sign up.

We didn’t need to do that this year because the program director has invited Connie to try out for the “pre-team.”   Maybe if she’s on this team, she’ll do less practicing up against our couch. If not, there’s always next year.

As I was picking up C, someone shouted my name from the playground. There was the young woman who was a principal fellow at the Hernández last year. Given that she was dressed in a suit and had an ID around her neck, I didn’t really need to ask, but I did. 

“Yes, I’m the Assistant Principal.” Both she and the principal are new at the Ohrenberger this year. From what I could see last year, they are lucky to have her.  She had a lot to say about the nation’s oldest public school. She graduated in 1999, and had one of the teachers that Vincent has now. It didn’t take her long to warn me about him. “I can’t remember how he was as a teacher; All I remember is what kind of person he was.”



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