Screech OWL

Monday is the only day that we don’t have to get the kids to some sort of class or practice or event. It is very nice after the always busy weekend. Saying that he had poquitito homework, Kiernan settled into the couch on the porch to read Twilight. Why fight it? That is not his assigned reading, in case you were wondering.

Happy to have homework, again, Claudia sat at the dining room table and started on her spelling words. As she wrote, I signed a paper that says I accept the idea that she will do the same homework every day for the next 178 school days.

Yesterday was the first day of the church year at Theodore Parker Church. We started going there because the adults needed it. We’ve probably kept going there out of some sense that the kids benefit from a broader community and some of that “spiritual foundation.” 

Relieved of high office in the church hierarchy, the Parent Imperfect is going to turn his attention to Religious Education this year. Someone is rolling around in some grave over that one. 

Kiernan is at the age where he can participate in OWL (Our Whole Lives), a sex education curriculum for grades 7-9. After church, Kiernan and the rest of the family was off to a soccer game in Revere while I got to attend a MANDATORY orientation for OWL parents. 

A great group of facilitators kept 17 parents engaged for two hours that passed quite quickly. Three of the parents had already been through the program with older children and sold the program better than any facilitator could. The time included descriptions lots of OWL info, including a half hour slide show of EXPLICIT images used in the program. What a great thing…I could certainly have used something like that at Kiernan’s age. 

As parents went around and described their children, I couldn’t help but try to imagine Kiernan and his three pretty immature buddies from TPC in a class about sexuality and relationships with Nora and six other eighth graders who are probably at least as mature as she is. These same boys that I was ready to strangle, collectively, two hours before in Religious Education are going to sit and talk about birth control, STDs, oral sex and pornography with a group of eighth grade YOUNG WOMEN? I have to say that, even as I sit here across from Claudia reading Ramona the Pest and Kiernan reading The Friends, I wonder if this is the year for Kiernan to become a screech OWL.


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