I, of course, love these children, but I will be so happy to send them off to school tomorrow. September 10 is that LATEST that school can start in Boston. Why did it have to be this year? I’ll also be anxious for them to come home in the afternoon.

On this last day of the “summer”, we all went to Harry’s All-American something for too much breakfast. Ellen went off to work and myself and the not-so-little ones headed to the Arboretum to walk it off.

After a short stroll to the famous stream where Kiernan gashed his leg upon falling in some years ago (he insists that the Parent Imperfect dared him to jump), we sat on a bench facing Hemlock Hill. It was all just too nice with the three of us wrapped around each other on the bench when Claudia suddenly grabbed Kiernan’s arm and started pinching it. “I’ll hurt you until you scream!” was her comment/explanation. So much for the idyllic family scene.

With great effort, Kiernan finished the dreaded Summer Reading Homework assigned to him by the nation’s oldest public school. To his credit, he made his way through The Forever War, Killing Mr. Griffin, Daniel’s Story, Hatchet and Longitude and wrote a short report about each. That’s more books than the Parent Imperfect read this summer.


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