When will they ever learn?

School looms. The next ten days will be among the most challenging of the year as we make the transition from summer vacation to the school year.  This year, the transition will be even harder as Kiernan moves to the oldest public school in the U.S. Come on, Dad, say it! You can do it.

Getting up before 6AM will be the easiest part of that transition, but I WILL remain positive about our family decision to have Kiernan attend the school.

What concerns me at the moment is that we are making the classic mistake of Type-A parents by loading our kids up with too many things to do. Claudia will do a piano class each week with all the practice that implies, she’ll be on the gymanstics “pre-team” and she’ll take some sort of theatre class on the weekend. Remember, she’s still seven years old!

At least we’ve cut back on Kiernan’s activities, given that he will have a much heavier workload at school. We only have him signed up for two soccer teams that will have him playing the sport SIX TIMES A WEEK! No wonder he is following in Dad’s footsteps with bad knees. Ellen and I will be pulling our hair out by Halloween, and the kids will be in need of a long vacation.

Speaking of physically active, I was among the very few people who took their children to New England Sports Academy on this gorgeous still summer day. I’m told that they are much too competitive in their approach to sports, but it is a wonderful place to let kids go wild for a couple of hours.


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